Travel requests for EC projects

Travel requests for EC projects needs to be according to both TAU and the EC regulations

EU Travel



The attached form needs to be completed in full, and be attached to the University's travel forms.

Travel requests for EC projects Form 


For any further explanations please contact:                          

Avivit Imerman Tel 5473

Eyal Schachter Tel 5272


General remarks:


You need to submit one form per traveler and project

  • All rules and regulations of TAU and by law regarding travels must be maintained.
  • Special expenses need to be justified and authorized in advance.
  • Only expense made during the official period of the period are eligible.
  • The traveler is responsible for obtaining all visas/insurances etc. required for the travel.
  • Accommodation refund, where not used only for the approved traveler, will be proportional.
  • Refund for working dinner/lunch will be given only after prior approval of the Research Authority. Per diem requested for the same date will be reduced accordingly.
  • Where the travel includes a part (either a period of time or a destination) not entirely devoted to the project, there is an upper limit for the air ticket refund.

It will be the lower amount between the cost that would have been incurred if the travel would have been made exclusively for the project, and the actual cost.

In this case you must provide, in advance, evidence of the cost that would have been for the project's part only, as well as the actual cost.

  • Boarding cards must be provided in order to receive a refund for any leg of the flights.


The form contains 3 parts:


1. General details.


2. Detailed explanation for all parts of the travel.


  • Please explain how the travel is essential for achieving a specific part of the project.
  • Please explain the connection of the traveler to the project.

(Especially in case of a travel of a team member who is not funded by the project).

  • Long travels (more than two weeks) need to be justified accordingly.
  • Visitor/experts:
  • Academic Visitor Directive must be followed.
  • For visits above 2 weeks: approval of the visitor's employer for the visit and a statement regarding Covered/non covered expenses by the permanent employer for this travel.

If such an agreement following the Academic Visitor Directive is already signed, it need to include this requirement.

  • Details regarding the academic background/expertise of the visitor and connection to the project need to be specified (joint publications, collaboration with the PI etc.).
  • Expenses requested
  • only expenses and its limit approved by the Research Authority following this form will be refunded.
  • Communication expenses are generally not eligible.

In particular circumstances, where it is essential for the project, a request for refund needs to be submitted to the Research Authority approval.

  • Any other refunds must be approved by the Research Authority.


  • Supporting documents that needs to be attached– according to the specific travel:


  • Invitations
  • Correspondent
  • Conference agenda
  • Attendance approval
  • Joint publications
  • faculty approval  
  • Coordinator's approval

3. PI's approval

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