Funding for International Conference

Criteria for support for scientific conferences

1.    Purpose

Financial support will be provided for the purpose of encouraging conducting scientific conferences in accordance with the following criteria:

1.1.     The conference is organized directly by the senior academic faculty of Tel Aviv University. (Retirees of the academic faculty are not permitted to submit proposals for internal funds, and are therefore not permitted to submit proposals for support for an international conference.)

1.2.     The majority of the conference participants are faculty members of the University and faculty members of other universities in Israel and abroad.


2.    Priority for support for conferences

2.1.     International scientific conferences of high scientific importance.

Conferences organized by a chairperson who is a University faculty member, and on a subject of importance to the University.

2.2.     Conferences held on the campus of Tel Aviv University.

2.3.     Conferences supported by external competitive funding sources (such as ISF, BARD).

2.4.     Conferences in which masters' and doctoral students from Tel Aviv University participate. 

2.5.     Token support only will be provided for annual conferences and large conferences of international professional associations, and that is subject to publishing the logo of Tel Aviv University on conference publications. 


3.    Additional support for international conferences

The conference committee will approve additional support for international conferences at which there are at least 20 participants, of whom at least 20% will be from abroad, and if at least one of the following criteria is met:


3.1.     The conference guests will be integrated into other activities on campus, such as: guest lectures for courses/seminars/schools/faculties, meetings with doctoral students, an open public lecture for students, etc.

3.2.     One of the sessions of the conference will include lecturers from abroad in an open session that will allow for a broad range of participation for students and lecturers on campus.

3.3.    There will be a livestreaming of the conference on an online platform for an international audience.

3.4.     There will be research collaboration with guests from abroad beyond the conference itself.


4.    Support will not be provided in the following cases:

4.1.     Support will not be provided twice for the same conference even if the request is submitted in different fiscal years. 

4.2.     The committee will not accept more than one request from the same group of researchers in a given year. 

4.3.     Support will not be provided for conferences held abroad. 


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