Filling up research effort sheets is an essential requirement for every research that is financed by the European Community or the American Goveremnent.

The manner of completing the effort sheet is described below. Updated effort sheets can be found on the website of the Research Authority (under "internal forms" section).


1. Who is obliged to complete the report?

1.1 Every researcher, including the principal investigator, a research worker, scholarship recipient who receives remuneration / a scholarship on account of the European/American research budget.

The report should be filled every month on a regular monthly basis.

 1.2 A research worker who clocks in daily on an attendance clock, and works exclusively on one project,   is not obliged to fill in effort sheets. Instead, such worker must provide the relevant attendance reports for the research period, and a signed declaration (see part of internal forms/effort sheets).


2. Structure of the sheet

An effort sheet is a monthly form comprised of 3 parts:

 Headings: name of worker, faculty, degree

Effort time sheet, which is divided into lines (days of the months) and columns  which specify the type of activities that are financed by the University:

a. Research activity on European/American projects

b. Research activity on other projects

c. Other activities at the University (teaching, instruction for students, committees)

d. Absences on full pay (Holidays leave, sick leave, reserve military duty, vacation leave).

 The first 3 activities are considered as productive hours.

 Bottom of the form: declaration, signatures, date (for completing the report).


All sections of the form must be filled properly and fully.


3. Date for completing the report – the report must be completed each month, starting at the beginning of the research. The last day of every month must be recorded as the date of which the report was completed.


 4. Delivery of the report – All the effort sheets shall be delivered together, before the end of the financial reporting period, to the referent in the financial reporting department at the Research Authority.


 5. Signatures – A research worker/scholarship recipient – the form is to be signed by the worker and the signature must be attested by signature of the principal investigator.

The principal investigator – the form must be signed by the principal investigator and shall be attested by signature of the Research Authority.


6. Titles – The title row of the report should be filled completely, including the name of the project, the ID number of the project and specification, if relevant, of the "other activities" (for example – teaching, administrative etc').


 7. Number of hours recorded per day

 Maximum number of productive hours recorded per day – according to actual hours.

  Number of hours recorded at time of absence on full pay (Holidays leave / sick leave / vacation leave / reserve military duty) – 8 hours per day. (An indication must be given in the remarks column of the reason for absence).


 8. Number of hours recorded during days of trips abroad – Trips abroad are not considered as vacation. If the trip abroad was fully financed by the European/American Research, all the working hours that were recorded during the days of the trip must be recorded under the European/American Research column – in other words 100% devotion of time to the specific research. In addition, the words “trip abroad” must be indicated under the remarks column. If the trip abroad was related to several projects, then there should be a fair apportionment of the working hours during the trip between the relevant projects.


9. Filling up automatically the same number of hours for each day or for each month – It is not allowed to fill the same number of hours for each day (8) and for each month. The report must reflect the true actual working hours that were made.


 10. Work which is not financed by the University (on a voluntary basis / at the expense of another institution) – no time should be recorded in this sheet.



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