European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) 2024 Call: Personalised Prevention in Health and Care Services

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סוגResearch Grants, Partnership Activities
תאריך אחרון16/04/2024
פקולטהHumanities, Law, Management, Medicine, Social Sciences

This aims of this THCS call is to address the added value of increasing the development and uptake of promising health and care organisational models specifically supporting prevention and their transferability and scalability across different health and care contexts and governance settings. This includes increasing use of the relevant IT and digital technologies to help achieve better outcomes in health and care systems.


A consortium of 3-9 partners from a minimum of 3 countries is required.



Funding: €140,000 total for the Israeli partner (optional €40,000 for coordination)

Duration: 3 years



Research Authority due date: 9.4.24

Intent to apply (required) due date: 16.4.24

Full proposal due date: 14.5.24



Israeli applicants should contact Chief Scientist to review and approve submission prior to application. 

Pls. note that in most cases applicants may hold only one MOH grant at any given time. Please check eligibility.

MOH will fund maximum 2 proposals from Israeli applicants. 


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שיתוף פעולהBelgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Romania, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, Holland, Lithuania, Estonia, Scotland, Malta
עדכון אחרוןעדכון אחרון: 05/03/2024
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