Funding Forced Migration

קרןGerda Henkel Foundation
סוגResearch Grants, Partnership Activities
תאריך אחרון03/05/2024
פקולטהHumanities, Law, Social Sciences

This funding programme aims to support, in particular, internationally oriented, multidimensional research projects on forced migration that address questions receiving insufficient attention in the relevant debates thus far. This also involves further linking theoretical core research with concepts vital to social, humanitarian, and political praxis.

 The research projects should be linked to one or more of the following five core areas of research:

  1. Forced-migration infrastructures
  2. South-South (im)mobilities
  3. Multiple displacements
  4. Displaced people’s agency
  5. (Supra-)state influences on displacement processes




Funding: varied. See specifics in foundation website
Duration: 3 years
Research Authority due date: 25.4.24
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