Office of Science: Atmospheric System Research (ASR) program

קרןUS Department of Energy
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון30/11/2023
פקולטהExact Sciences

The goal of ASR is to quantify the interactions among aerosols, clouds, precipitation, and radiation to improve understanding of key cloud, aerosol, precipitation, and radiation processes that affect the Earth’s radiative balance and hydrological cycle, especially processes that limit the predictive ability of regional and global models.

Applications must address one of the following research topics:

  1. Aerosol processes at ARM sites
  2. Convective cloud processes
  3. Aerosol and cloud processes from ARM’s Eastern Pacific Cloud Aerosol Precipitation Experiment (EPCAPE)
  4. Mixed-phase cloud and ice cloud processes



Funding: $630,000 total for a 2 year project; $945,000 total for a 3 year project 

Duration: 2-3 years 



Research Authority due date: 23.11.23

Pre application (required) due date: 30.11.23

Full proposal due date: 27.1.21

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