ESRC responsive mode: secondary data analysis round one

קרןEconomic and Social Research Council ESRC
סוגResearch Grants, Partnership Activities
תאריך אחרון28/09/2023
פקולטהLaw, Management, Social Sciences

This funding opportunity supports research that exploits existing data resources for social and economic research. Applicants have considerable flexibility to focus on any subject area or topic providing that it falls within the ESRC’s remit.

PI must be from a UK Institution. Co-investigators based in overseas research organisations can therefore be included in research grant proposals, and may receive up to 30% of research budget.




Funding: £300,000 total 

Duration: 2 years



Research Authority due date: 21.9.23

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שיתוף פעולהU.K.
עדכון אחרוןעדכון אחרון: 03/07/2023
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