CDMRP Melanoma Research Program: Melanoma Academy Scholar Award

קרןUS Department of Defense
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון14/09/2022
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine

The goal of the Melanoma Research Program (MRP) is to prevent melanoma initiation and progression.

The Melanoma Academy is a virtual career development and research platform that consists of Scholars and their Career Guides (primary mentors) from different institutions, and an Academy Director and Deputy Director.

PI of the Scholar award must be an early-career researcher or physician-scientist within 7 years after completion of their terminal degree by the time of the application deadline. Each scholar must designate a career guide (may be at a different institution). 


Applicants must address at least one of the ollowing Focus Areas.
  • Research across the entire spectrum (biology, etiology, prevention, diagnosis and detection, prognosis, treatment, and quality of life) for rare melanomas (e.g., uveal, acral, mucosal, pediatric) in patients and model organisms.
  • Identify and understand risk factor determinants for melanoma, including rare subtypes.
  • Develop prediction and surveillance tools for distinguishing patient populations at risk for second primary/recurrence and/or metastasis.
  • Understand how precursor lesions and environmental/endogenous factors influence melanomagenesis, including (but not limited to) race, sex as a biological variable, etc.
  • Develop new tools for the detection and diagnosis of melanoma, which includes easily accessible technology (beyond the dermoscope) for primary care physicians and dermatologists.
  • Identify how the tumor microenvironment (e.g., stromal, immune, microbiome) impacts tumor initiation, response to therapy, progression, recurrence, and/or dormancy.
  • Delineate the molecular pathways that influence metastatic spread, recurrence, and/or dormancy.



It is expected that four (4) award will be granted. 



Funding: $550,000 total

Duration: 3 years 



Research Authority due date: 7.9.22

Pre application (required) due date: 14.9.22

Full proposal due date: 5.10.22

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