ARSACS research project

קרןAtaxia Charlevoix-Saguenay Foundation
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון27/05/2022
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine

Ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay  (ARSACS) Foundation was established to reinitiated and accelerate research on autosomal recessive spastic ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay. 

Main focus for future funding projects
 Research related to the Sacsin protein
 Research related to proteins that are clients of Sacsin’s chaperon function
 Research that would lead to accelerate pre-clinical and clinical trials in ARSACS using already available molecules
 Research focusing on pre-clinical and clinical investigations on new candidate molecules
 Research that could accelerate the identification of novel treatments for ARSCAS
 Research that relies on international collaborations
Funding: $100,000 per year
Duration: 1 year + 1 year
Research Authority due date: 19.5.22
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עדכון אחרוןעדכון אחרון: 13/02/2022
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