BSRF Research Grants

קרןBritish Scoliosis Research Foundation (BSRF)
סוגResearch Grants, Partnership Activities
תאריך אחרון31/01/2022
תאריכים נוספים01/08/2022

The BSRF Research grant aims to support research discovering the cause of idiopathic scoliosis and finding a non surgical cure. The foundation seeks applications  in three distinct tracks: 

  1. Small exploratory grants
  2. New investigation grants
  3. Major research grants

Applicants must have a UK partner at a UK intitution. 



  1. £15,000
  2. £40,000
  3.  £100,000


  1. 1 year
  2. 2 years
  3. 2 years 


Research Autority due dates: 24.1.22, 25.7.22

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שיתוף פעולהU.K.
עדכון אחרוןעדכון אחרון: 25/10/2021
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