Global Issues – Preventing Pandemics: The Role of Human-Environmental Interactions

קרןVolkswagen Foundation
סוגResearch Grants, Partnership Activities
תאריך אחרון04/11/2021
פקולטהArts, Engineering, Exact Sciences, Humanities, Law, Life Sciences, Management, Medicine, Social Sciences

Projects under this scheme should focus on highly dynamic areas with intensive human-environmental interactions, i.e. where high biodiversity encounters growing human pressure, like peri-urban areas or agriculture-“nature” margins, and concentrate on wildlife and its transmittable diseases.


Teams  involving 3-5 researchers from at least 3 different countries (including at least one applicant from a German university/research institution and at least two from institutions in two different non-European Low and Middle Income Countries) are invited. 

inter- and transdisciplinary research teams (scholars from humanities or social sciences working together with natural, life or engineering scientists, plus societal stakeholders) a MUST.



€10,000 total for initial stage 

€1,500,000 total for final project 

Duration: 4 years 


Research Authority due date: 28.10.21

Pre proposal due date: 4.11.21

Full proposal due date: July 2022

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