COVID-19 Rapid Collaboration Call Mapping and harmonizing COVID-19 patient related data for EHDEN

קרןEuropean Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN)
מדינהEuropean Union (EU)
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון14/05/2020
פקולטהExact Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine


Due to impending global urgency to provide evidence-based insight into COVID-19 patients, their treatment and prognosis, EHDEN is launching this extraordinary call to invite any institution in Europe holding relevant COVID-19 data to apply in order to contribute to a world-class rapid response research collaboration. Each Data Partner that is willing to map their COVID-19-related data and to contribute such data to our federated studies will be awarded a sub-grant of maximum EUR 50,000 to compensate for their effort in preparing the data and collaborating with EHDEN in both the mapping exercise and subsequent research studies.
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