CDMRP Gulf War Illness Research Program: New Investigator Award

קרןUS Department of Defense
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון29/05/2020
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences

The New Investigator Award is designed to promote new ideas in GWI research and establish proof-of-principle for further development in future studies. 

FY20 GWIRP  Topics of Special Interest:

• Innovative treatments for GWI

• Identification of the causes of and treatment targets for dysregulated biological system function.
• Identification of molecular signatures (e.g., genomic, proteomic, metabolic, and epigenetic) underlying symptoms and the grouping of symptom sets based on common underlying pathobiology
• Investigation of comorbidities, mortality, sex or ethnic differences



Funding: $500,000 total 

Duration: 3 years 


Research Authority due date: 21.5.20

Pre application (required) due date: 29.5.20

Full proposal due date: 10.9.20

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