Advanced Development and Validation of Emerging Molecular and Cellular Analysis Technologies for Basic and Clinical Cancer Research (R33)

קרןNational Cancer Institute/NIH
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון29/09/2020
פקולטהEngineering, Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine

This grant solicits applications proposing exploratory research projects focused on further development and validation of emerging technologies offering novel capabilities for targeting, probing, or assessing molecular and cellular features of cancer biology for basic or clinical cancer research. R33 supports Phase II of an exploratory/developmental Grant. 



Funding: $300,000 per year

Duration: 3 years


Research Authority due date: 10 days prior to submission

LOI (encouraged) due date: 21.1.20, 28.4.20, 29.8.20

Full proposal due date: 21.2.20, 28.5.20, 29.9.20

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