Call for Research Proposals: Creating Biological Baselines and Monitoring Protocols for Marine Reserves in the Israeli Mediterranean Sea.

קרןרשות הטבע והגנים
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון30/08/2019
פקולטהLife Sciences

The INPA (רשות שמורות הטבע) aims at an intensive sampling program that will cover multiple taxa and will be used to produce high quality baseline data, that can be extended to future monitoring protocols for assessing the biological state of present and future MPAs. Applications are expected from multi-institutional research groups that will include a wide range of disciplines.


Funding: 1,080,000 NIS total (additional 600,000 IS under negotiation)

Duration: 2 years



Research Autorty due date: 19.8.19


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