BRAIN Initiative: Secondary Analysis and Archiving of BRAIN Initiative Data (R01)

קרןNational Institutes of Health (NIH)
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון06/09/2019
פקולטהEngineering, Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences

This grant encourages secondary analysis of the large amounts of existing data related to the BRAIN Initiative. Support will be provided for innovative analysis of relevant existing datasets using conventional or novel analytic methods, data science techniques, and machine learning approaches. Support may also be requested to prepare and submit existing data into any of the BRAIN Initiative data archives. 



Funding: $300,000 per year 

Duration: 3 years


Researh Authority due date: 30.7.19

LOI (encouraged) due date: 6.8.19

Full proposal due date: 6.9.19

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