Office of Science: Subsurface Biogeochemical Research (SBR)

קרןUS Department of Energy
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון14/02/2019
פקולטהExact Sciences

The goal of the SBR program is to advance a robust predictive understanding of how watersheds function as integrated hydro-biogeochemical systems and how these systems respond to perturbations caused by changes in water availability and quality, contaminant release, nutrient cycling, land-use, vegetation cover, and snowmelt timing.

The following two science areas are permitted

a) Ecohydrology and Hydro-biogeochemistry

b) Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry



The program will support large grants and exploratory (high risk) grants


Funding: Large grants $600,000  total ; Exploratory grants $200,000  total 

Duration: Large 3 years; Exploratory 2 years


Reserach Authority due date: 7.2.19

Pre application (required) due date: 14.2.19

Full proposal due date: 11.4.19



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