Naval Air Systems Command Digital Office (NDO) Office-Wide BAA

קרןUS Department of Defense
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון18/11/2019
פקולטהEngineering, Exact Sciences, Management, Social Sciences


NAVAIR Digital Office (NDO) is interested in receiving white papers for projects which offer potential for advancements and improvements applicable to the digitization of NAVAIR / U.S. Naval operations.
Potential Research areas include: 
  1. Data Architecture and Management.
  2. Predictive Analytics/Business Intelligence/Visualization.
  3. Development Security Operations
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
  5. Business Transformation
  6. Digital/Data Careers and Organizational Strategies
  7. Digital Innovation / Disruptive Digital Technology


Funding: no fixed limit 

Duration: no fixed limit 


Research Authority due date: 7 days prior to submission

White paper (required) due date: on-going until deadline 


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