Telomeres as Sentinels of Environmental Exposures, Psychosocial Stress, and Disease Susceptibility: A Methods Comparison Study (U01)

קרןNational Institutes of Health (NIH)
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון03/12/2018
פקולטהExact Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine

This grant will support  Methods Comparison Projects to serve three main functions:

(1) to conduct a joint effort among telomere researchers to determine the relationship between different telomere length (TL) methods, inter-assay variability, and the factors that influence results.

(2) to contribute to development of best practice recommendations for assay protocols for TL measurement for different types of studies.

(3) to repurpose existing methods or develop new methods to enhance the use of TL measurement.


Projects will be expected to conduct cross-validation involving other labs (3-4) supported under this cooperative agreement to develop a set of recommendations for assay protocols.



Funding: $200,000 per year

Duration: 3 years


Research Authority due date: 25.10.18

LOI (encourgaed) due date: 3.11.18

Full propsal due date: 3.12.18


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