ARCHES - Award for Research Cooperation and High Excellence in Science 2018/2019

קרןMinerva Foundation
סוגAwards, Partnership Activities, Prizes, Research Grants
תאריך אחרון20/06/2018
פקולטהArts, Engineering, Exact Sciences, Humanities, Law, Life Sciences, Management, Medicine, Social Sciences

The purpose of ARCHES is to recognise and reward outstanding contributions to research as well as to strengthen German-Israeli scientific collaboration. The award will be presented annually to German-Israeli research teams headed by two highly-qualified and talented young scientists ("Principal Investigators") who must meet the following eligibility requirements:


  • The Principal Investigators have completed their doctorate no earlier than in 2008.
  • The PIs are already internationally recognized in their field.

The teams are expected to produce outstanding academic achievements in international collaboration, not least with the assistance of this award.


This year ARCHES focuses on scientific research in the fields of 

  • Chemistry, Physics, Technology and Mathematics
  • Life Sciences – Studies in all Areas of Biology and Preclinical Medicine
  • Humanities, Cultural Sciences, Sociology, Political Sciences, Economics and Law.



Funding: 100,000 Euro

​Duration: 2 years 

research authority deadline: 13.6.18


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שיתוף פעולהGermany, Israel
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