Novel Nucleic Acid Sequencing Technology Development (R21)

קרןNational Human Genome Research Institute/NIH
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון27/06/2019
תאריכים נוספים26/06/2020
פקולטהEngineering, Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Medicine

This grant solicits  applications to develop novel technologies that will enable no less than one order of magnitude improvement in DNA sequencing, and practical methods for direct RNA sequencing.


Funding: $400,000 total 

Duration: 3 years 


Research Authority due date: 10 days prior to submission

LOI (encouraged) due dates: 27.5.18, 27.5.19, 26.5.20

Full proposal due dates: 27.6.18, 27.6.19, 26.6.20

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