EFSD/ JDRF/ Lilly European Programme in Type 1 Diabetes Research

קרןEuropean Foundation for the Study of Diabetes
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון01/07/2018
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine

EFSD, JDRF and Lilly have established a new programme called EFSD/JDRF/Lilly European Programme in Type 1 Diabetes to encourage new projects aimed at advancing current knowledge in this domain.

This year the Programme would particularly welcome projects in the following areas:

  • Research with potential to increase understanding of the natural history, pathogenesis, heterogeneity and/or aetiology of human type 1 diabetes 

  • Pancreatic beta cell biology with a focus on discovery and validation of potential therapeutic targets and approaches to promote the survival, expansion and/or regeneration of human beta cells
  • Pathophysiology of type 1 diabetes autoimmunity with a focus on potential therapeutic targets and testing of autoantigen-specific immunoregulation of type 1 diabetes
  • Development and/or testing of therapies that slow or stop the progression of type 1 diabetes before symptomatic disease or that preserve beta cell function in new onset type 1 diabetes
  • Biomaterials and novel concepts for implantable, encapsulated beta cell replacement
  • Automated closed loop artificial pancreas systems and/or its components
  • Novel or repurposed adjunct therapies to improve glycaemic and overall metabolic control in type 1 diabetes
  • Novel insulins: glucose-responsive insulin, liver-targeted insulin, ultra-rapid insulin, others
  • Therapies that prevent progression of diabetic kidney or eye disease in type 1 diabetes
  • Beta cell targeting for drug delivery and imaging
  • Discovery of diagnostic, prognostic or predictive biomarkers for all stages of type 1 diabetes to enable “smart” clinical trials


Funding: €100,000 (in special cases up to €400,000)

Duration: no fixed limit (at least 1 year)



Reseach authority deadline: 24.6.18

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