Exploiting Omics Assays to Investigate Molecular Regulation of Persistent HIV in Individuals with Substance Use Disorder (R61/R33)

קרןNational Institute on Drug Abuse/NIH
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון17/07/2019
תאריכים נוספים17/07/2020
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences

This initiative will support projects that exploit Omics assays to address outstanding questions regarding molecular regulation of persistent HIV (e.g. latency or reservoirs) in the context of chronic substance use or substance use disorder (SUD).


Funding: R61- $450,000 per year; R33- $650,000 per year 

Duration: R61- 3 years; R33- 2 years


Research Authority due date: 10 days prior to submission 

LOI(encouraged) due dates: 17.6.18, 17.6.19, 17.6.20

Full application due dates: 17.7.18, 17.7.19, 17.7.20

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