Communications and Networking Discovery and Invention

קרןUS Department of Defense
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון26/06/2017
פקולטהEngineering, Exact Sciences

The goal of this Call is to support the Navy's Information Warfare vision by developing measurable advances in technology that can directly enable and enhance end-to-end connectivity and quality-of-service for mission-critical information exchange among such widely dispersed naval, joint, and coalition forces.


projects are sought under the following focus areas:
1. Algorithms and techniques for digital beam forming and nulling with reduced computational complexity and improved side lobe and grating lobe suppression (both per-element digital as well as hybrid sub-array architectures should be considered);
2. Novel approaches for low probability of detect/intercept communications against advanced electronic threats;
3. Dynamic scheduling, routing and topology control to efficiently and reliably deliver critical/high priority data to multiple nodes over directional tactical wireless network; and
4. Machine learning and other techniques/concepts for autonomous network management by translating Commander's Intent into network policies.


Funding: $500,000 per year 

Duration: 3 years 



Research Authority due date: 19.6.17

Whate paper (required) due date: 25.6.17

Full application due date: 25.9.17

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