CDMRP Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program: Idea Award with Special Focus

קרןUS Department of Defense
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון20/06/2018
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine

The Idea Award with Special Focus supports innovative, untested, high-risk/potentially high-reward concepts, theories, paradigms, and/or methods in cancer research. The "Special Focus" of this award mechanism is on the cancers associated with exposures, conditions, or circumstances that are unique/disproportionately represented within the military.

Applications must address at least one of the Topic Areas listed below:

• Adrenal Cancers

• Bladder cancer 

• Immunotherapy

• Listeria-based regimens for cancer              

• Myeloma

• Neuroblastoma

• Blood Cancers

• Brain cancer      

• Liver cancer

• Lymphoma        

• Pancreatic cancer

• Cancer in children, adolescents, young adults

• Melanoma and other skin cancers

• Pediatric brain tumors

• Colorectal cancer             

• Mesothelioma   

• Stomach cancer

Applications must also address at least one of the FY18 PRCRP Military Relevance Focus Areas: Assement of military relevant risk factors; Gaps in cancer knowledge that have profound impact on military persons (more than on general population).


Funding: $400,000 total
Duration: 2 years


Research Authority due date: 13.6.18

Pre application (required) due date: 20.6.18
Full application due date: 26.9.18

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