47th ARC Foundation Léopold Griffuel Award

קרןFondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer
סוגAwards, Prizes, Research Grants
תאריך אחרון30/06/2018
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine

The Award is bestowed upon an individual or a team of researchers whose work has led to a major breakthrough in the field of cancer. The maximum number of researchers per nomination may not exceed six. All candidates must still be involved in research. If the application is filed on behalf of a single researcher, s/he must be under age 65 in the nomination year.

The award has two categories:

§ Basic Research Award;

§ Translational and Clinical Award 



Funding: 150,000 Euro (25,000 for winner, remaining amount for research)
Duration: 5 years 


​Research Authority due date: 24.6.18

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