Early-Career Research Grants

קרןObesity Society
סוגPost-Doctoral Fellowships, Research Grants
תאריך אחרון22/05/2018
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences

This program aims to foster and stimulate new research ideas in any area of investigation related to obesity. The program targets junior-level investigators (5 years from PhD) and post-doctoral trainees by funding proposals that demonstrate a high likelihood of resulting in new and innovative approaches in obesity research.


Funding: $25,000
Duration: 1 year


Research Authority due date: 8.5.18

LOI (required) due date: 15.5.18 22.5.18
Full proposal due date: 13.8.18


Pls. note you need to be a TOS member to apply. 

Post Doctoral candidates must have a mentor who is a member of The Obesity Society. 

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