2021 MPN Challenge together with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

קרןMPN Research Foundation
סוגResearch Grants
תאריך אחרון09/04/2021
פקולטהLife Sciences, Medicine, Social Sciences

The primary goal of the MPN Research Foundation’s research strategy is to understand and control the progression of the MPNs from chronic to life-threatening stages. 

In order to do that, we believe our focus should be the elimination of the mutant stem cells which promote these diseases.  

2021focus areas: 

1. Early detection of MPNs 
2. Understanding thrombotic/cardiovascular risk in MPN patients 
3. Role of epigenomic factors in MPNs 
4. Role of environmental factors in MPNs 
5. New mechanisms of action 
6. Quality of life research



Funding: $200,000 total 
Duration: 2 years 


Research Authority due date: 23.3.21


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